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Stoko K1 Breathe

Remember my review about the rad local Vancouver company Stoko that revolutionized knee braces for active people, building it right into a pair of tights? (no? read it here!). Well they just added a new version to their product line-up with ultra breathability for your sweatier workouts! The K1 Breathe has all the same great features to provide your knees support, with mesh ventilation incorporated directly into the material for optimal temperature control so you can get your sweat on – and out!

Check out their promo video below to see it in action.

If you have ligament problems (ie. MCL, LCL, ACL, PCL), these tights are a great product for you. Instead of requiring you to wear a traditional knee brace with shorts or under baggy pants, Stoko has designed the Embrace System™ to fit inside a pair of tights. It’s made up of over 35 meters of cables woven into the fabric of the K1. Starting at the waistband connected to the two control dials on the back of the waist, the cables run down along your legs to your calves and then back up to the waistband. So when your knee bends, the cables contract to support your knee, while maintaining natural alignment and allowing movement.

Stoko K1 Breathe
Stoko K1 Breathe

These tights are a great piece of gear to help keep you safely hiking, trail running, or whatever your sport is while you recover from injury, or to prevent it in the first place if you’re prone. I personally love them to help prevent my ITBS flaring up, and decrease the knee pain I get from overuse during long treks or too much mileage too fast while running, especially on pavement.

Stoko K1 Breathe
Stoko K1 Breathe

They have a pretty heft price tag but if you have health benefits, you may be able to get them covered! As Stoko describes on their website, the K1s are “registered as a Class 1 Medical Device and FDA approved. The K1 is reimbursable through Health Spending Accounts or Flex Plans by all Canadian insurers. As for general benefits plans, we’ve experienced many cases of reimbursement, but coverage is dependent on the insurer as benefit plans vary.”

The features I love the most? They have reflective trim for nighttime activities, they’re made from recycled materials, and they are machine-washable! At first I was worried about the mesh being too delicate and prone to ripping like other mesh leggings I’ve worn in the past, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this not the case with the K1 Breathe.

Stoko K1 Breathe

Interested in getting yourself a pair? You can buy the Stoko K1 Breathe online at, or in person at some local Vancouver and area retailers. A full list can be found at 

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Kristine Krynitzki wearing Stoko K1 Breathe

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